Why Windows Needs a Package Manager

A couple days ago I was building a blog using Hexo (a static site generator built on Nodejs). I created a couple pages and installed a couple plugins. When I entered the command to build a local copy of the site, I got a nice long error message. It looked like one of the plugins was causing the problem, so I filed an issue on Github. It turned out that I was getting the error because my version of Nodejs was old, as in two major releases behind the most recent release.

I was able to fix the problem, but it got me thinking. All this happened on my Windows laptop. It would never have happened on my Linux machines. Why the difference? Because Windows does not have a package manager. Here are several reasons why Windows needs a package manager.

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Next Step in ARM Computing

[Please note: The Panther Alpha failed to reach it’s original Kickstarter goal. They are planning to resubmit the Kickstart campaign in Q4 2018. - 1805 update]

In the history of computing, there has been a number of major milestones. These milestones helped to direct the future direction of computing for years to come. The Panther MPC is shaping up to be one of those milestones.

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Microsoft Releases Blogging Application as Open Source

Yes, you read that correctly. I used “Microsoft” and “open-source” in the same sentence and it’s not a joke. Microsoft under new CEO Satya Nadella has embraced a pro-open-source (and even a pro-Linux) stance that would have been impossible under previous leadership. As part of this new initiative, they created the .NET Foundation to support open-source projects. One of these projects is a fork of the successful but discontinued blogging software Windows Live Writer.

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Welcome to the Show

Hi, everyone, and welcome to my new blog about computers and technology. I will be your host, John Paul Wohlscheid. This blog came about because I wanted to try creating a Hugo-powered blog. Since I love goofing around with computers, I decided to make that the topic of the Hugo blog. Credentials Now, to give you some of my background with computers. My earliest recollection of a computer was a text-based system.

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